Tip of the Month: Staying home alone? Is your child ready?

It sneaks up on you... the day arrives and your child asks "Pleeease! I don't want to go to the store with you... can I stay home instead?". This can be an exciting (and scary) time for both parent and child (mostly scary for the parents!). This is a popular question in our workshops.... "is my child ready?" and "What is the age law on children staying home alone?"

Many parents think the "law" is age 12. So it comes as a surprise to find out that in most states there is no age "law" minimum for kids staying home alone, just recommendations. The "recommendation" for Washington state is 10, but it is not a law.

Only you can determine if your child is ready (and the situation is safe) to stay home alone... we have complied a partial list with some good questions to help get you started and help you gauge the maturity and readiness of having your child staying home alone for short periods of time:

All the best!