FAQ on Safety

Talking about personal safety can bring up lots of questions (and possibly anxiety) for parents. We also get lots of questions about P.E.A.C.E of Mind and what we do. If you still have a question, please feel free to contact us! We are here to help!

Are your workshops expensive?
No. We try our best to work within your budget. Even though we are a non-profit and we donate our time, we still have basic expenses to cover. We rely on workshop fees to help us cover our expenses and help bring our workshops free of charge to our most vulnerable and at need populations. We also offer discounts to non-profits and schools that participate in the free and reduced lunch program. When you gather a group together.. the cost is usually about what you would spend at Starbucks. Contact us to learn more.

Why should I take a parent safety workshop?
A predator will invest hundreds of hours grooming a child. Adults need to invest 2 hours of their time to learn how to protect them. You would not expect a young child to cross the street alone, so why would we expect them to defend themselves against predators alone? Children need to see and hear about safety from you. We help you learn the easiest and most effective ways to teach safety to your kids. Safety conversations happen over time and are not limited to one "big talk". By taking a parent workshop you will be taking charge of your family's safety!

Are your workshops scary or graphic?
No! We are proud to have a curriculum that is non-graphic and non-scary. We want every parent to leave our workshops feeling empowered over their family's safety, not scared of it.

Do you teach kid workshops?
No. Adults are responsible for the safety of children and we truly believe that safety needs to come from a parent or guardians. We are dedicated to getting parents the tools they need to confidently talk to their kids about personal safety. Personal safety is an ongoing conversation. We cannot expect children to be solely in charge of protecting themselves against predators. Children are no match to protect themselves against a savvy, determined predator. They need caring grown ups to get involved, get safety training and help keep our communities most vulnerable citizens safe.

What age group do your focus your workshops on?
We offer specific tips and tools for parents of children ages 2-14. If you have older kids, we highly recommend taking a workshop offered by Larry Kaminer at Personal Safety Training Group. Check out our parent resource page for more on Larry's workshops.

What if I have not even talked to my kids about the birds and the bees yet?
When children have a better understanding of how their bodies work the less likely they are to become victims of sexual abuse. If you are nervous about how to get started with "the talk" we cannot say enough good things about Amy Lang at Birds and Bees and Kids. She is terrific and her workshops will help you get all the tools you need to get started.

Where are your workshops held?
We are mobile and we come to you! We have taught our workshops around the US and Canada. We also host workshops at varying locations around Puget Sound. Sign up for our Tips group and we will let you know when we are having a workshop in your area!

Do you do staff training?
Yes! We offer a full staff and volunteer training program and we offer STARS training credits.