P.E.A.C.E of Mind

Welcome! We're glad you're here because: adults are responsible for the safety of children. Every parent should be confident in knowing that they are doing everything that they can to make sure their child enters each day with the right tools for personal safety. No excuses. Our Mission: to end childhood sexual abuse and abduction through prevention education.

Our Goal: To reduce the number of child predator victims through preventative education with interactive and empowering workshops that go beyond the ineffective "stranger danger" approach.To reach out and support our community with effective, innovative, & user friendly prevention education for adults and children. To ensure that prevention education is delivered to as many adults and children as possible. To be vigilant in teaching parents that personal safety is a life skill meant to help them to empower their children and liberate them from fearful parenting!

Our Purpose: To prevent abduction and to end the the cycle of childhood sexual abuse and bring prevention education to the forefront and to keep the conversation going! To engage, educate and empower!

We achieve this through our preventative education workshops, and we also endeavor to support parents through the whole process of raising and caring for a child.

Our Model: As a not-for-profit organization we know first hand the importance of the generosity we receive from individuals and businesses. Whether its time, resources or financial help, the support mechanisms we provide to families would not be possible without the help of our partners. The workshops and outreach programs we run are dependent on the giving of others.

Supporting families from the first step: parenting is a lifelong commitment, and whilst we focus our awareness efforts on safeguarding vulnerable young children, an area on which we are quizzed on a regular basis is childbirth - the first step on a path toward building a beautiful family. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just older couples that can face hurdles in achieving pregnancy. Indeed for many the first evidence of problems comes when trying for a baby the first time. We regularly counsel parents attending our sessions to prepare for when their first child comes along, but the surprise of fertility difficulties can be as painful as it is surprising.

We tell these couples the same thing: there is nothing wrong with trying naturally for a period of time but seeking support early is advisable. What is needed in this situation is a rapid diagnosis and plan of action. Seek out reputable fertility expertise in your area. There are quality clinics in every city in the US. In this tips feature we take the time to explore the best ways to support couples trying for a baby, including some insight to modern IVF approaches.

Note: it is important to thoroughly research the available clinics in YOUR area before making choices regarding your health. We cannot make recommendations in every area but encourage you to meet with as many practitioners as possible before deciding.

Tip of the Day (1): Our View - The Role of a Parent in Safeguarding their Child's Future. We believe strongly in parental duties of responsibility. Our approach is to nurture and encourage forward-looking and knowledgeable care giving skills. The slapdash 'stranger danger' approach is profoundly inadequate in almost all cases and we prefer to endorse a step by step understanding of tackling every stage of parenting. Our child safety advice is a good starting point for moms and dads seeking introductory advice. Parents are irreplaceable to children in terms of the love and support they offer, but many good parents fail to truly consider the full range of possibilities in life. Even exceptional, loving moms and dads sometimes fail to prepare for every eventuality. For example, is your child's future secure if you were to pass away? Life insurance is a vital part of any responsible parent's outgoings, particularly if you are the key breadwinner at home. We tend to recommend seeking a whole range of quotes before deciding which possible package suits you best, but remember to shop around thoroughly to get the best offer available. Those parents with a higher income should consider the more premium options that will help in securing a higher standard of living for your child if something were to happen. Even lower income parents should always seek out the investment to build for a child's future in any eventuality.

An update: although financial means are just one aspect of parenting, and are certainly no means of replacement for love and attention, it comes to our awareness again and again in empirical studies that vulnerable children living near the US poverty line are dramatically more likely to suffer from sexual abuse. Securing your child's future through forward planning is more than issue of money, but rather one of providing the best possible start in life in any eventuality.

Tip of the Day (2): Help ensure your child's safety by teaching them life-saving communication strategies early. Remarkable though it sounds, many children are unable to operate a phone and dial 9-1-1. Fewer still know their own full address, making interaction with the emergency services impossible. It is not possible to monitor our kids 24/7 and so it is a reassuring backup to know your child is at least able to seek help if the worst should happen.

Look around, ask questions, check back often, & join us in our pursuit for a safer childhood (and some P.E.A.C.E of Mind).

All the best,
Kim & Sabrina

"What you are doing is so meaningful. You're really making a truly positive impact on humanity." Heather- Bellevue, WA